FAQs On Our Ingenious Revenge Gifts

Is shipping of your products, fancyful, ingenious revenge, legal?Ingenious Revenge - Simple, Fast, Easy Cheap and funny 
Yes! Natural fertilizer - because that is what it is - is a common commodity. We use: 

  • Aromatic horse droppings,
  • Mushy methane laden cow patties in our Lucky Beetle (Ladybird) as well as
  • Fine elephant dumplings

Gifts come just as they are found on the dung heap. So they are meddled with bits of straw and whatever crawls, squirms and buzzes there. Quite astonishing in summer. 

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Do I stay anonymous if I send someone a gift?
Yes, because there are only two addresses on the package: 
The recipient´s and ours, which is false. So from our part there is no way allowing the lucky devil to identify you, the customer. Discretion is everything, so there is neither a a stamp nor promotional material, etc. - nothing at all. In case of an incorrect address or if the victim has moved etc. this implies that nothing could come back to us. So you´d better doublecheck. If a custom label is required we declare the packet as a present, worth 3 Euro. 

Arrival of your ingenious revenge gift

How much time can be expected between order and delivery?
We ship fast, every weekday in fact. Dispatch takes place within two days after reception of payment at the latest, usually the same day. Delivery usually takes 1-2 weeks within Europe, a bit longer to other parts of the world. South Sudan and North Corea half a year. We don´t know why.  

How do I know that the gift had been delivered to the bastard ... ?
... or his female equivalent? If you want to make sure, order a shipment tracking that documents all the details of the route. In this case shipment is theoretically traceable to the sender - us - but not to you, the customer. But on the other hand: We operate from Germany ...
If tormented by suspense just give your victim a ring and ask for the state of things ... 

Can a message be attached to my order?
Yep, no problem, we shall stick your boon and bane in the box or on the gift. Preferably specify this during the ordering process and not when it had been posted ... Give no indication on your identity if that could cause a problem. 

Fuss? What´s all this with General Terms and Privacy Protection?
Well, legally we have to do this, but - as a matter of fact and in short:

  • We neither mess with mail addresses nor other customer details. We delete all data beyond the legal point and we do not harass you with mails. Maybe you get one once or twice a year, of which you can opt out, of course. One takes revenge once on a person and that´s it. No way to build a "community" around it. 
  • Merchandise: Once sent, its gone. It is not imaginable that someone contacts the victim, claims the gift back for whatever reason, returns it to us and wants to be refunded. No, absurd. 

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An ingenious revenge gift is great and will keep you happy