Send Shit
Take Revenge on
Your Enemies ! 

An Easy Way to Take Revenge Anonymously 

Get Even - Send Your Enemies a Load of Shit ... !

Send Shit - Let them have their dues for what they have done.
Send them what they deserve: Send Shit !
You got the reason - We got the weapon
Strafe them all who have hurt you, conned you or wronged you. 

Send Shit - Great Vengeance

Send Shit - A Great Heap of Revenge! 

Wonderful Smelly Horse Droppings

We will send a generous quantity for you to get your revenge. 
Fine horse dropping for example, cow patties, or what about 
elephant dumplings. Howssat? 

Buy now !

Show your Enemies your Disdain!  

Get even, send them a lovely gift: A Pile of Shit !

 One thing is clear: Your mind will not be at peace, until you have taken revenge and justice be done. Just picture yourself all these pests who get on your wick: Your ex, schemers, neighbours, colleagues ... and sometimes even a friend or a family member.  
What could be more rewarding than picturing the horrified face of the recipient? So send shit! 

Regards and Curses: Send some brief felicitations to relieve your soul (optional), to accompany your gift. 

Anonymity, Payment, Greetings

Dispatch is from Germany, out of reach from your victim ...
Packages only show the recipiant´s address and a false sender. There is no clue as to the identity of you, the buyer. No traces whatsoever, no promotional material, no stamp, no logo, nothing. 
Payment: By credit card or a simple transferral to our account. Never would we give away any details.  
Invoice: It will be sent to the mail address indicated. Only the angels and you know, if your address details are true ... 

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Delivery, Costs & Tracking

We send worldwide on all working days, immediately after reception of payment. You may set a future dispatch date (birthdays e.g.), but we have no influence on the actual delivery date. Find here further details on shipping, anonymity etc. 
Delay: Europe about 1-2 weeks, dependent on the performence of your national post. World service may be longer. 
Costs: Shipping flatrate on top of all prices is 4 €, about 4,60 $ or 4,50 £.  
Tracking, optional: Allows tracing the gift along its way to the lucky devil.   

Deco Box: All gifts can be embellished by a nice cardboard box for a trifle more.

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