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Great Revenge - Get Even 

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Here you find various revenge ideas and changing offers according to the season Beautiful great surprise revengeor on special events and occasions. 
This gift, pure vegan hippo droppings, may be used as as small punishment whenever needed, e.g. birthdays, jubilees or whatever, not to forget your mother-in-law. Yes, any occasion really, if we come to think about it. 
Ingredients: Grass, all kinds of herbs, cereals, carrots, a banana on Sundays and some chocolate bits from time to time. All sustainable and fully organic. 

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Impressive Sound Vengeance

Obviously this ingenious present will  be a super surprise for your friends. Humorous, yes, even hilarious, this gift is likely to crush your enemies or make them ashamed at least and at last. 
It serves well to pay for any misdoings and any harm they did to you. 

So don´t tarry - got ahead, take your revenge.  Surprise Revenge Shit Gift in Attractive Box

Dispatch: 4 €, about 3,60 £ or 4,50 $

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