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Revenge Shit for your Enemies 

Revenge Shit for all bastards 


Special revenge gift and lovely elephant shit

A gorgeous revenge shit gift for all your beloved who did you wrong as well as all pests around you.
Pay back, for what they have done to you, give them one in the eye. Here is an excellent answer to all injustice and wrongdoings in life. 

Our universal presents fit on all occasions and provide revenge for all malices that may occur. The revenge shit punishes mobbing, machinations and scheming, rumours, fraud, rent increases, bad marks and so forth. Favourit victims: The ex, colleagues, workmates, neighbours, bosses, plain idiots and morons and many others who get on your wick or do you wrong. It´s just endless ....

There are various models and wrappings allowing a fine tuned counter-strike according to the gravity of harm inflicted on you. They are of outstanding quality, ecological and biodegradable.Lovely Revenge Shit from Send-Shit

Dispatch on top of all prices: 4 € - approx. £ 3.60, $ 4.50 


Crowned Octagon

The cheapest solution for a very social price, affordable even by students, the poor, or plain misers. Nicely wrapped in a sober, elegant box in the form of an octagon, topped by a sweet crown. Pure and simple and a fine fine for lesser misdeeds which happen: A birthday, which had been forgotten, a date, a stupid remark, small offences in everyday life. May contain squibbely, terrified bugs and beetles on and off, which only want one thing: Get out. No extra charge. 

9,90 € - approx. £ 8.80, $ 11.50 

White Varnished Box with Bow ... and Love Great Revenge Shit in a nice box

Revenge Shit in a wonderful white box with a red ribbon. The contrast between the joyful expectation of the recipient and the down-to-earth greetings from the country will be overwhelming. Your enemy is likely to face a psychological and emotional breakdown. But so what? If that stupid git has deserved it ... 
If you picture the scoundrel´s reaction you will feel the flow of happy hormones and know that your victim will have a bad week. Good in case of broken promises, deep deception, heartbreak and so forth ... May contain traces of Yersinia pestis. No - no clemency: Biological warfare is the answer to unfair treatment and injustice by all these creeps and nuisances around you. Let justice be done !

15,90 € - approx. £ 14.20, $ 18.60


Clearbox for Clear Sight

One litre or two pints of impressive revenge shit will punish all serious crimes. Fine Revenge Shit in a ClearboxYour victim will find some outstanding horse shit, imbedded in a bowl of noble plastic in the Bauhaus-Design, topped by a wonderful, baroque crown again, in order to smooth its sober lines. 
It is great for everyone, who does not play a role in your life (any more), and who should not be honoured by extravagant luxury and expenditure. No, to the hell with that bastard!
Application: Swindle, fraud and cheating, rumours, mobbing, side affairs etc. Side effects? Ask a doctor or pharmacist. Some cases of "subita morte", sudden death, have been reported. 

12,50 € - approx. £ 11.50, $ 15.20


Gold Ribbon Tin - A Real TreatHorse Shit in Luxury Tin

Treat your enemies or friends with this extravagant tin. What could be more rewarding than flinging this biological, sustainable weapon at the numb skulls of these numbskulls? Varnished by hand with bright white enamel, but no child labour! Only adults! Note the fine a golden ribbon bound to a bow. This revenge shit gift is an artistic masterpiece, pure poesy so to say, containing nearly one litre or two pints of spicey surpise from the country. Free of lactose, but with your maledictions or spells, which we will happily include. 

17,50 € - approx. £ 15.60, $ 20.50


Mushy Cowpat in a Lucky Ladybird Cow Pat - Revenge Shit in a Lucky Ladybird

A slurry surprise. This Ladybug smiles innocently, but actually it is stuffed with lovely, pulpy revenge shit. Many customers have expressed a need for something mushy, which would preferably besmirch their victims. A box splattering its content on openening all over their clothes, humilate and put them to shame - yes best explode, set fire on them and send them to hell, where they belong. Well, we did our best ...
Cowpatties contain loads of methane, so if you joined your worst curses to be included in the packet our joint effort may help to make the whole thing blow up. The lucky devil will be furious, if not destroyed, and the generous donor will enjoy a wonderful week and find his or her peace of mind. Howssat?

22,90 € - approx. £ 20.50, $ 25.30

Special revenge gift and lovely elephant shit 

Decorative Box

For embellishment brush your gift up with a decorative cardbox as at the side, which will give all articles a glossy touch. 
Deco Cardboard Box6 € - approx. £ 5.40, $ 6.60 

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Horse Shit in lovely decorative cardboard box